What's on the horizon for the patented Linear Q?

After seven years of constant fine-tuning, the Linear Q is finally going into production. It’s scheduled to receive its first 1000 cues in the first week of the 2005 3rd Quarter and it will be exhibiting and taking distributor and dealer orders at this years’ International Billiard and Home Recreation Expo, April 7th-9th, 2005. The Expo is being held at the always exciting Las Vegas Convention Center and should be the BCA’s largest Expo to date. We’ll post pictures of the show after we get back.

Next on our list is to have the BCA officially re-approve our cue for tournament play. After a thorough evaluation by relevant committee members in June of 2000, it was unofficially approved by Bruce Baker, the League and Program Department Member and BCA Rules Committee International Head Referee. However, an official approval for tournament play has yet to be seen and since their approval is the standard by which serious players accept new billiards products we feel it necessitates the formality to receive their official stamp of approval to ensure the future of our Linear Q.

We'll keep you posted right here on the What's New page and we encourage any questions and feedback that you may have regarding this uniquely new product.